Bradley Beaulieu's A Veil of Spears (The Song of the Shattered Sands) PDF

By Bradley Beaulieu

ISBN-10: 0756409764

ISBN-13: 9780756409760

ISBN-10: 1473203082

ISBN-13: 9781473203082

ISBN-10: 1480527289

ISBN-13: 9781480527287

The evening of never-ending Swords approximately observed the destruction of Sharakhai, and because then the Kings have come down challenging at the rebelloious Moonless Host. 1000's were murdered or given to the Confessor King for wondering. countless numbers extra have fled. together with Çeda, who has came across that Onur, the King of Sloth, has back to the desolate tract to elevate a military and problem the remainder kings.
The Moonless Host - who've taken to calling themselves the 13 Tribe - could be trapped among Onur's becoming effect and the enormous could of the kings who, with Sharakhai firmly again less than their rule, are turning their consciousness to the desolate tract as soon as more.
Çeda is familiar with that the asirim are the foremost. If she will carry their curse and loose them from their bondage, then they could retailer 13th Tribe from the the squabbling kings . . . and maybe the kings themselves aren't any longer as unified as they as soon as have been. As they vie opposed to one another for keep an eye on of the town, might Çeda make an best friend of 1 of them? And which one, while any of them may betray her as simply as they'd their fellow kings.
Whatever the answer, the tip is coming: as Çeda makes a speciality of liberating the asirim and weaken the kings' carry on Sharakhai, the kings' forces, the scheming queen of Qaimir, Hamzakiir the ruthless blood mage, and the 13th tribe all arrange for a grand conflict that can make a decision the destiny of all who sail the desert.

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